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The recent condemnation of the Iranian Human Rights defender Mrs Narges Mohammadi to ten years imprisonment is a worrying development.

Mrs Mohammadi has been working in a peaceful manner to improve human and women's rights in Iran and for the gradual abolition of the death penalty.

The right to express opinion in a non-violent manner is at the very core of the universal declaration for Human Rights and the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a party.

En respuesta a la invitación de las autoridades peruanas, la Unión Europea (UE) ha enviado una Misión de Observación Electoral (MOE) para las elecciones presidenciales, al Congreso de la República y al Parlamento Andino. La Misión de la UE, que llegó al Perú el pasado 5 de marzo, ha estado presente en el país de forma permanente entre el período que separa las dos vueltas de las elecciones presidenciales. Los observadores europeos trabajan de forma independiente y neutral respetando un código de conducta que responde a principios internacionales.

Brussels, 20 May 2016 

Thank you very much, Jens. It is a pleasure to be back. You highlighted in a perfect way how, during this one year and a half of our parallel mandates, we have really energised and intensified the cooperation between the European Union and NATO. It was our intention to do so and, indeed, the preparation for the Warsaw Summit in July and of the European Council taking place a few weeks before, will create an excellent synergy for highlighting the fields where working together brings an added-value.

The EU Delegation to India invites photo-journalists from print and electronic media to send proposals.