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The European Union (EU) has this month paid 11.9 million Euros (GHC 52 million) to support decentralization in Ghana. The grant supports the decentralization reform process of the country that aims to improve service delivery at the district level.

Vulnerable children benefit from a child protection project: 12,313 received counselling and 11,958 were educated on life skills.

Speaking at a press conference at UNCTAD 14, Members of the European Parliament emphasized that although trade can be a powerful engine of growth, its benefits are not evenly distributed. “The 48 Least Developed Countries still share only 1% of global trade. We need to prioritize the needs of the poorest countries and align trade with other policies. The priority of the Agenda 2030 is to eradicate poverty. Trade has to work for sustainable development and growth”, MEPs said.

Brussels, 20 July 2016 – Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice President of the Commission, announced today the appointment of 17 new Heads of EU Delegations in the framework of the regular rotation for this year.

La décision prise par le Sommet de l'Union africaine à Kigali de rendre opérationnel le Fonds de la paix de l'Union africaine est une étape importante en vue de doter l'Union africaine d'un système de "ressources propres". Il sera ainsi donné corps à la décision du Sommet de l'Union africaine selon laquelle l'Afrique devrait financer 25 % des opérations de soutien de la paix sur le continent d'ici 2020.