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HR/VP Federica Mogherini: 

Nous avons changé aujourd'hui l'agenda du Conseil afin de commencer nos travaux par discuter ensemble, avec mon ami Jean-Yves Le Drian, ministre français, et tous les ministres de la Défense, notre réaction aux attaques qui ont eu lieu à Paris vendredi.
L'Europe est une union, l'Europe est une communauté. La France a été attaquée, l'Europe entière a été attaquée. Mais pas seulement l'Europe, aussi le Liban, la Russie, l'Egypte, la Turquie, l'Irak, le peuple syrien.

The Defence Ministers of the European Union, gathered in Brussels for the Foreign Affairs council chaired by HRVP Federica Mogherini, unanimously supported the request of aid and assistance to France, after the attacks in Paris.

The 2015 general elections were considered a historic milestone for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. After decades of military rule, citizens had for the first time a real choice between different candidates and parties. And it was also the first time that the European Union sent an Election Observation Mission ( EU EOM) to the Southeast-Asian country. Following an invitation by the Union Election Commission the EU deployed - with Alexander Graf Lambsdorff as Chief Observer - about 150 observers throughout the country. This was the largest international mission for the polls on 8 November.

Ce qui s'est passé vendredi dernier à Paris laissera des traces dans notre mémoire européenne. Une fois encore, les terroristes ont visé le cœur de l'Europe. (...) Nous savons ce qu'ils cherchent à obtenir. Ils veulent que nous nous lancions des regards empreints de suspicion. Ils veulent que nous ayons peur de ceux qui ont une autre couleur de peau ou qui parlent avec un autre accent. Ils jouent sur nos peurs pour déchirer nos sociétés.


At the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, the EU adopted its policy framework on support to transitional justice. In doing so, the EU has underlined its commitment to support these processes and has become the first regional organisation to have a dedicated strategy towards transitional justice. The international community must work together to support post-conflict and post-authoritarian societies.

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini today chairs the monthly meeting of EU foreign ministers, which will focus on diplomatic work related to tackling root causes of terrorism, such as the situation in Syria.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, the crisis in Syria and migration were at the core of the discussion at the EU Foreign Affairs Council today in Brussels. A minute of silence was observed in memory of the victims in Paris. During the meeting Ministers also issued statements on the violence in Burundi amongst other subjects.