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Présentation de garages mobiles – un outil pour dépanner les véhicules des forces de sécurité dans des terrains difficiles d’accès

Turkey has been again the target of terrorist attacks in both Diyarbakir and Kiziltepe today. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to those injured.

The adoption of the "Bill on Protection of Reputation and Good Name and Freedom of Expression" by the Maldivian Parliament on 9 August imposes a number of restrictions on the freedom of expression, including restrictions on grounds of religion, defamation and social norms. The penalisation of defamation and the high penalties prescribed in the Bill pose a direct threat to media, political opposition and civil society in the Maldives. The penalisation of such acts, in a country where the independence and functioning of the judiciary is not in compliance with international standards, is aggravating the situation further.

At the end of the second quarter of the year, the European Union (EU) in Ghana released GHS 14.6 million (EUR 3.3 million) as the fourth and final disbursement to the government treasury in support of the 2016/17 Millennium Acceleration Framework (MAF) operational plan implemented by the Ministry of Health.

Election observation is a vital EU activity aiming to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law worldwide. It contributes to strengthening democratic institutions, building public confidence in electoral processes, helping to deter fraud, intimidation and violence. It also reinforces other key EU foreign policy objectives, in particular peace-building.

The stabilisation and development of Afghanistan are priorities for the EU. To maximise the impact of EU aid and improve overall aid effectiveness, the EU is promoting coordination amongst donors.

9 августа Федерика Могерини, Верховный Представитель ЕС и Заместитель Председателя Европейской Комиссии, и Христос Стилианидис, член Европейской Комиссии по вопросам гуманитарной помощи, сделали следующее заявление:

Remarks by European Union Ambassador Dr Michael DOYLE, on the occasion of the Launch by civil society implementing partners of three projects funded under the 'European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights' (EIDHR)