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Le 10 octobre 2016, le Conseil de l'Union européenne a adopté la proposition de retirer la Guinée de la liste des pays tiers non coopérants dans la lutte contre la pêche illicite, non déclarée et non règlementée (INN) formulée par la Commission européenne en juillet, levant de ce fait les mesures qui avaient été prises, au moment de l'inscription de la Guinée sur la liste des pays tiers non coopérants.

There has been a substantial uptick in demolitions of Palestinian structures by the Israeli authorities in Area C and East Jerusalem during the reporting period (March-August 2016), reflecting the general increase of demolitions during 2016. During six months, structures funded by the EU or EU Member States for a value of €242,725 were demolished, pushing the 2016 total up to €412,662. For ECHO, the financial losses incurred due to demolitions represent 2,4 % of the annual budget for humanitarian aid for the West Bank (compared to 1,32% in 2015 and 0,58 % in 2014). The upsurge in demolitions in 2016 can be attributed to an overarching Israeli policy aimed at asserting control over strategic areas together with increased pressure from various Israeli settler groups on the Israeli Civil Administration. Demolitions are predicted to continue during the next six months, targeting mainly communities facing risk of forced transfer in the Southern Hebron Hills, the Jordan Valley, and in the E1 area east of Jerusalem. Of particular concern are developments related to Israeli plans for the relocation of Bedouins and herders in Area C, the case of Susiya (a herder community located in the Southern Hebron Hills) and the overall coercive environment in Area C that communities are facing.

On 25 November, 2016, the Programme "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan" funded by the European Union held a meeting of the Steering Committee consisting of representatives of EU Delegation to Uzbekistan, Ministry of Economy, Consortium partners, Programme Team, including 4 regional offices in target regions, heads of regional working groups.

25 ноября в Ташкенте состоялось очередное заседание управляющего комитета Программы Европейского Союза «Устойчивое развитие сельской местности в Узбекистане», участие в котором приняли представители Делегации ЕС в Узбекистане, Министерство экономики, консорциум партнеров, проектная команда в 4 офисов в пилотных регионах, главы региональных рабочих групп – представители областных хокимиятов в пилотных регионах.

Кинофестиваль «Человеческое достоинство, равенство, справедливость» пройдет в Минске с 1 по 10 декабря 2016 года. Это мероприятие проводится под эгидой Организации Объединенных Наций в Республике Беларусь и Представительства Европейского союза в Республике Беларусь.


The Human Dignity, Equality and Justice Film Festival will take place in Minsk between 1 December and 10 December 2016. The festival will be held under the aegis of the United Nations Office in the Republic of Belarus and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Belarus.