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EU na Kosovu lansirala juče obrazovnu kampanju o kvalitetnom obrazovanju u Južnoj Mitrovici i otvarala novi Info centar u Severnoj Mitrovici


EU ministers of defence, meeting informally in Sofia on 4-5 May, reviewed advances in the framework of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in the field of defence and discussed new projects to build further on the rapid progress made over the last two years. Following the budget proposal on 2 May which sees a 22-fold increase in EU defence spending for 2021-2027, EU High Representative Mogherini also announced her intention to present a detailed proposal by mid-June on the new European Peace Facility, an additional instrument to finance the EU's work on defence and military operations.

Как можно сделать предоставление госуслуг более ориентированным на нужды граждан? Данный вопрос стал ключевым в рамках интерактивного семинара, проходившего в Ташкенте 4 мая.

In the Western Balkans, the prospect of EU membership is an important driver for economic reform essential to enhance trade and investments. The trade flow between the EU and the Western Balkans has over the past 10 years more than doubled, reaching almost 44 billion Euros in 2016. Trade is largely liberalised, and more and more European companies are including the Western Balkans in their value chains. This process of business integration has been a powerful engine for creating jobs in EU member states.

Please follow the link below to the pdf version of the programme of the European Film Festival 2018. See also the festival webpage or Facebook page for latest updates on the festival.

La Direction Générale des Collectivités Locales organise avec l’appui de l’Union européenne un atelier de diagnostic des besoins des collectivités territoriales le 8 mai 2018 à Rabat pour le renforcement du processus de mise en place des instances de l’équité, de l’égalité des chances et de l’approche genre auprès des Conseils des régions et des préfectures/provinces.


تنظم المديرية العامة للجماعات المحلية بدعم من الاتحاد الأوروبي ورشة تشاركية لتشخيص حاجيات الجماعات الترابية ودلك يوم 8 ماي بالرباط من اجل تقوية مسلسل وضع هيئات المساواة وتكافؤ الفرص و مقاربة النوع على مستوى مجالس الجهات و مجالس العمالات و الأقاليم