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The European Union stands in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan after two attacks on mosques in Kabul and Ghor today left at least 59 people dead and many more injured.


L’Union européenne exprime sa solidarité avec le peuple afghan, après deux attentats perpétrés dans des mosquées à Kaboul et à Ghor aujourd’hui, qui ont fait au moins 59 morts et de nombreux blessés.


The occupation of Raqqa by Da'esh has finally  come to an end thanks to the joint efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Global Coalition to counter Da'esh. The liberation of Raqqa city is a decisive step towards eliminating the threat of Da’esh in Syria and Iraq and freeing their people from its arbitrary rule. 

The European Union, as a non-military member of the global coalition against Da’esh, has actively supported the defeat of Da’esh in Syria and has been assisting the population affected as the leading donor in humanitarian support.

بيان للممثلة العليا/نائب رئيس المفوضية الأوروبية "فديريكا موغيريني" حول تحرير الرقة

Déclaration de la haute représentante/vice-présidente Federica Mogherini sur la libération de Raqqa