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On 15 November, Everyday Justice, a unique exhibition of artwork, films and stories on access to justice in Myanmar opened at the iconic Old Tourist Burma Building in Yangon. The exhibition marks the first four years of the EU-funded MyJustice project. This exhibition showcases perspectives on what justice means in Myanmar and the role everyone has in shaping it. Myanmar artists KO Z, BRANG LI, HTEIN LIN, EMILY PHYO, MAUNG YU PY, KAUNG SU participate in the exhibition which will run until 30 November 2019.

The seminar was organised by the Permanent Representation of Finland as Chair of the Council of the EU and the EU Delegation in Strasbourg, in collaboration with the Permanent Representation of France as Chair of the Council of Europe. Its aims was to take stock of the current state of play, look at solutions to outstanding issues as well as to address the broader implications of the accession to Human Rights protection in Europe.


Du 19 août au 15 novembre, les Forces Armées Centrafricaines (FACA) ont organisé une formation technique élémentaire du domaine « Administration » au profit des titulaires du Certificat Technique Elémentaire (CTE). Supervisée par les conseillers de l’EUTM-RCA, cette formation d’une durée de treize semaines avait pour but de délivrer une formation qualifiante (Certificat Technique du 1er degré) à 13 militaires des FACA et 3 de la Gendarmerie Nationale.

Vinneren av årets masteroppgavekonkurranse i Europastudier ved NTNU, Kristian Lyster, fikk i oktober muligheten til å besøke flere av EU-institusjonene og møte sentrale aktører i Europaparlamentsvalget.