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L'Union européenne est fière de se joindre à la célébration des 70 ans de la Convention européenne des droits de l'homme. Elle reste l'un des plus importants traités internationaux relatifs aux droits de l'homme jamais signés.


The European Union is proud to join the celebration of 70 years of the European Convention on Human Rights. It remains one of the most significant international human rights law treaties ever signed. Most significantly, it allows Europeans to defend their rights in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The EU shares the Convention’s vision for the protection of human rights across the continent, and remains committed to acceding to the Convention.



In European foreign policy, we are permanently confronted with conflicts in our neighbourhood, growing competition between rival powers, challenges to the multilateral system, disputes over the terms of trade and who sets the rules on technologies, and the global effects of climate change – to name just a few issues we deal with every day. 

In his new blog  "A Window on the World", HR/VP Josep Borrell presents his personal views on many of these issues. The blog is a space to take a step back and reflect on the main issues at stake for Europe and its global role.

22 September 2020
The Heads of Mission of the European Union (EU), EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland issue the following statement in Singapore:
The Heads of Mission call on the Singapore authorities to halt the execution of Moad Fadzir bin Mustaffa, and to commute his sentence to a non-capital sentence.

Европын Холбооны дэмжлэгтэй хэрэгжиж буй “Бүгд залуусын төлөө, Залуус бүгдийн төлөө” төслийн хүрээнд залууст зориулсан Менторшип хөтөлбөр буюу Зөвлөн зааварчлах хөтөлбөрийн нээлт 9 сарын 18-ны өдөр боллоо.


On 18 September, the “All for YOUth, YOUth for all”