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Commissioner Stylianides announces €104 million for live-saving humanitarian assistance during on his third visit to Baghdad, Iraq.

Chief Observer Cecile Kyenge introduced the EU Election Observation Mission to Zambia at a press conference in Lusaka. The Chief Observer highlighted the importance of peaceful elections, but added that her team is in Zambia to observe all aspects of the electoral process, and to provide a comprehensive, independent and impartial analysis of the electoral process to the Zambian people.

Ce premier rapport, qui s'appuie sur le nouveau «cadre de résultats de l'UE pour le développement et la coopération internationale», présente une série de résultats obtenus dans quelque cent pays partenaires du monde entier, grâce au soutien de projets et de programmes financés par l’Union. Il s’agit là d’une avancée importante sur le plan de la transparence, qui renforce l’accent mis sur la performance et les résultats des activités de l'UE en matière de coopération internationale et de développement.


The first report based on the new "EU International Cooperation and Development Results Framework"
provides a selection of results achieved in about 100 partner countries across the globe with the
support of EU-funded projects and programmes. This marks a significant step forward in terms of
transparency, and strengthens the focus on performance and results in EU international cooperation
and development.


Just prior to the economic crisis of 2008 the European Union - South Africa Strategic Partnership, one of only ten the EU has with countries around the world, formally got underway.

An ongoing feature of EU-South Africa relations has been cooperation in the field of education.