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The European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) this week completed a set of ground-breaking human-rights training sessions for staff of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) in Lviv, in the first of a series of regional training events envisaged by the Mission.

EUAM is the first international organisation to implement the practice of human-rights training programme for SSU staff. Although standard practice in the security services of EU member states, Ukraine’s SSU has yet to institutionalise the practice of conducting periodic human-rights training. EUAM envisages that after further similar programmes in other parts of Ukraine, ownership will eventually be handed over to the SSU after a follow-up survey and possible adjustments.

At the beginning of October, a joint delegation of EUPOL COPPS and the Traffic Department of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) participated in Manchester in the Road safety for Europe Conference which was organized by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL).

The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine has donated 74 computer tablets and dash cameras, as well the software to support them, to the Lviv regional police in order to strengthen the effectiveness of Quick Response Teams (QRT) in Lviv region. The donation, which covers the technical needs for police response-team vehicles in Lviv region, is part of EUAM’s engagement with police in Lviv region, building on the success of the ‘Sambir police project’.

Spread across Kabul, billboards funded by EUPOL Afghanistan display the Afghan police pledge of service to Afghan society, safeguarding life and the property of citizens as well as protecting their freedom and rights. The campaign aims to make the police code of conduct common knowledge.

The code of conduct of the Afghan National Police (ANP) – a guide on ethical behaviour in conducting police work – was approved in 2011. A survey was conducted in May this year by the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) to gauge the public’s knowledge and perception of the code of conduct. It revealed limited awareness of the code of conduct. ANP officers have themselves admitted to a lack of understanding of its principles. The survey findings prompted EUPOL to fund a media campaign project to address the deficit. The ongoing five-month awareness campaign also employs TV, radio and posters to disseminate its message.

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