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Заявление Пресс-секретаря Европейской службы внешних действий в связи со смертным приговором в Беларуси

Заява Прэс-сакратара Еўрапейскай службы знешніх дзеянняў у сувязі са смяротным прысудам у Беларусі

Statement by the Spokesperson on a death sentence in Belarus

The Delegation of the European Union to Tanzania and the East African Community (EAC) categorically refutes press reports about possible EU sanctions against the United Republic of Tanzania over Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union and the East African Community.

European Film Festival 2016

From 3 to 12 November the European Union Delegation jointly with the Embassies of the EU Member States and the "Park Cinema" network held the European Film Festival. The European Film Festival as always was a success and attracted over 3,500 visitors to screenings, including the launch event. In 2016 a record number of films were presented - 19 European films and 1 Azerbaijani film. In comparison with the previous years, 2 films opened the Festival this year and an exhibition featuring the places where the Greek film “Little England” was shot was organized. To foster discussions and increase attractiveness of the Festival 2 competitions were organized within the frameworks of the Festival. One competition for the best story featuring the Film Festival was organized for journalists and another essay competition on the topic “How the European Film Festival changed my stereotypes about Europe” was organized for the general public. Winners of both competitions received a fully-covered 3 days’ trip to the Berlin Film Festival.