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The Delegation of the European Union is inviting cultural operators[1] to send project proposals for marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018[2].

The objective is to promote cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for artistic contemporary creation and innovation and strengthen the interaction between the cultural heritage sector and other cultural and creative sectors.

Делегацијата на Европската Унија поканува културни оператори[1] да испратат предлог-проекти за одбележување на Европската година на културно наследство 2018[2].

Целта е да се промовира културното наследство како извор на инспирација за уметничко современо создавање и иновации и зајакнување на интеракцијата помеѓу секторот на културно наследство и други културни и креативни сектори.


Delegacioni i Bashkimit Europian fton operatorët kulturorë[1] që të dërgojnë propozim projekte për shënimin e Vitit  të Trashëgimisë Kulturore Evropiane 2018[2].

Qëllimi është promovimi i trashëgimisë kulturore si një burim frymëzimi për inovacion dhe krijim artistik bashkëkohor si dhe përforcimin e ndërveprimit mes sektorit të trashëgimisë kulturore dhe sektorëve të tjerë kulturorë dhe sektorëve krijues.

EU Ambassadors reaffirmed the European Union's united and strong commitment to its Eastern Partners.


Послы ЕС вновь подтвердили единое и твердое намерение ЕС поддерживать своих восточных партнеров.


EU Battlegroups are multinational, military units, usually composed of 1500 personnel each and form an integral part of the European Union's military rapid reaction capacity to respond to emerging crises and conflicts around the world. Like any decision relating to the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) their deployment is subject to a unanimous decision by the Council. Although Battlegroups have been fully operational since 2007 and have proven their value as a tool for defence cooperation and transformation, issues relating to political will, usability, and financial solidarity have prevented them from being deployed. However, in recent months much progress has been made to overcome these hurdles – giving the Battlegroups renewed impetus and relevance.

The project aims to support poverty alleviation in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan through increasing social and economic opportunities and the promotion of income generating activities in rural communities. The specific objective is to support rural income generating activities to stimulate innovative local economy and social development initiatives focusing on Jalal-Abad Region.

The project aims to generate incomes and employment for the population of the Kyrgyz Republic through sustainable strengthening of sustainable agricultural production and competitive post-harvest practices, and by investments in laboratories and through loans to agro businesses.

The project aims to exploit the existing potential for energy efficiency, carbon reductions and sustainable energy investments in the industrial and residential sectors of Kyrgyzstan in line with the EU IFCA strategic objectives; support the efforts of the Kyrgyz government to promote energy efficiency and enhance national security of supply in line with its National Energy Program (NEP for 2008-2010).