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The new edition of the HANDBOOK ON CSDP was presented on 18 May 2017 at the Foreign Affairs Council on Defence by the defence ministers from Austria and Cyprus. In the meantime, the handbook was distributed in various Council working groups, such as the EU Military Committee (31 May) and the Politico-Military Group (7 June).

'In the past, we may have achieved military victory over insurgent forces, but these victories were often only temporary. We need new approaches and we need to involve more regional forces.' With these words the Italian Minister of Defence, Senator Roberta Pinotti closed the ESDC pilot course 'The New Peacekeeping Operations as a Stabilising Factor for the European Union'. The course ran from 8 to 12 May and took place at the Italian Centre for Higher Defence Studies (CASD) in Rome, bringing together, for the main part of the course, 43 participants from the EU and the UN.

The effort to combat climate change has overcome a great many challenges. From being ignored, underestimated, or outright denied, to the near global consensus it enjoys today. Challenges remain, but the Paris climate agreement was a landmark. Our direction of travel is now clear and unstoppable.


Singapore, 18 May 2017

The European Union Delegation to Singapore issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission, and the Head of Mission of Norway:

The European Union (EU) welcomes the recent judgement in which the High Court opted for a non-capital conviction instead of the death penalty for two defendants on drug trafficking charges.


Our work on EU security and defence continues. One year ago, High Representative Federica Mogherini launched the EU Global Strategy, which set a new level of ambition for the EU’s role in the field of defence. That was followed by the European Defence Action Plan, and the EU-NATO Joint Declaration to step up our cooperation. The European Commission has officially established the European Defence Fund, which will support military related research and Europe’s defence industry.


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