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The attack in the Har Nof synagogue this morning killing at least 4 people can only harm any step forward towards peace.

It is an act of terror against worshipers at morning prayers and is condemnable by all means.


L'attaque qui a eu lieu ce matin à la synagogue de Har Nof, au cours de laquelle au moins quatre personnes ont été tuées, ne peut que compromettre toute avancée vers la paix.

Cet acte terroriste, perpétré contre des fidèles lors de la prière du matin, est condamnable à tous égards.


I was pleased to meet today Serbia’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić for the first time in my new capacity.

During our discussions we exchanged views on progress in the EU facilitated dialogue and implementation of agreements. I hope to see the high-level dialogue resume soon, but the EU expects Belgrade and Pristina to continue working on implementation in the meantime.


EU development cooperation with Cuba restarted following the Council Conclusions of June 2008.

J'ai été heureuse de rencontrer aujourd'hui, pour la première fois depuis que j'ai pris mes nouvelles fonctions, le premier vice-premier ministre et ministre des affaires étrangères de la Serbie, M. Ivica Dačić.

Au cours de notre entretien, nous avons procédé à un échange de vues sur les progrès réalisés dans le cadre du dialogue mené grâce à la médiation de l'UE et de la mise en œuvre des accords. J'espère voir le dialogue de haut niveau reprendre rapidement, mais l'UE attend de Belgrade et Pristina qu'elles continuent d'œuvrer à la mise en œuvre des accords dans l'intervalle.


Thank you very much,

I apologise for being late. That was not out of major divisions or discussions but out of real in-depth conversation on all the points that we had on the agenda, with all the ministers concentrating on the two main political issues that we decided to have on the agenda today: which is on one side Ukraine, and on the other side the Middle East Peace Process. But we also touched upon other issues to which I will come afterwards.

The signing of the Charter for the Transition on 16 November and the appointment of Michel Kafando as President of the Transition are key steps to exit the crisis based on dialogue and national consensus.

They bear witness to the sense of responsibility of the Burkinabe people and all participants in the democratic process.

It is now up to all parties to work towards the effective and swift establishment of bodies for a civilian-led transition leading to free, inclusive, peaceful and transparent democratic elections by November 2015 at the latest.


La signature de la charte de la transition le 16 novembre, et la nomination de Michel Kafando comme Président de la transition, constituent des pas déterminants pour une sortie de crise fondée sur le dialogue et le consensus national.

Elles témoignent  du sens des responsabilités du peuple Burkinabé et de toutes les parties prenantes au processus démocratique.


Good morning!

We have a new start this morning. Not only for Europe, as the Commission's slogan says, but also for Foreign Policy. We will start with the Ministers early this morning with a discussion on the working methods. If we want to be effective in the world, we need to be effective starting from here, from Brussels. So, we will try to share our common vision and make it owned by all the 28 Member States.

I am delighted to welcome you Prime Minister Garibashvili, together with the new Foreign Minister Beruchashvili and other Georgian government representatives, to Brussels today for the first EU-Georgia Association Council meeting.