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Hier soir, j’ai évoqué avec l’ancien premier ministre espagnol, M. Jose Luis Zapatero, les efforts qu'il déploie actuellement avec l'ancien président de la République dominicaine, M. Leonel Fernandez, et l'ancien président du Panama, M. Martín Torrijos, afin de faciliter le dialogue entre le gouvernement du Venezuela et les membres de l’opposition vénézuélienne.


A workshop on compatibility of customs legislation applied in Tajikistan with the provisions of the revised Kyoto Convention started on 8 June in Dushanbe, gathering national experts from the Customs Service under the Government of Tajikistan dealing with customs control arrangement, customs clearance and tariff regulation, legal issues and risk management. The workshop is conducted within the framework of Border Management in Central Asia Programme (BOMCA), funded by the European Union.

Election day took place in a peaceful and orderly environment. Peruvians were able to cast their votes without any obstacles. The ONPE handled the counting process effectively and the ongoing aggregation of results is proceeding transparently.

EU Ambassador Vincent Guérend's interview with Koran Tempo, 7 June 2016

From 03 to 06 of June, the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC) General Mikhail Kostarakos, travelled to Singapore to attend the 15th Shangri-La Dialogue 2016 Summit organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and immediately after paid an official visit to Myanmar.