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"The project is adopting a four-pronged strategy. First, to contribute to the realization of a ‘peace dividend’ by addressing priorities identified by local population, strengthening agreement monitoring mechanisms and improving local governance. Second, to create an enabling environment in which new and more equitable local agreements can emerge. Third, to initiate a process of stabilization,
by addressing critical issues affected the quality of life of all communities, Fourth, to link these local peace-building and stabilization efforts to wider
processes of dialogue"

To provide local communities with a continuous access to quality health care and improve services through the creation of maternity departments, and increased staff knowledge. More specifically, the project continues and expands the service delivering to the local population in 5 of the 12 PHC, opens adjacent maternities in 3 PHC delivering comprehensive care for non-complicated deliveries in northern Syria, empowers of the local governance.

to strengthen the capacity of Syrian CSOs in addressing children’s rights violations; to promote the participation of children/young people in international negotiations; to reinforce coordination/networking
among Syrian CSOs working on children rights and child protection issues

To strengthen the agriculture crop production and natural resource management capacities and access to alternative income sources. To strengthen the risk management capacity and key food security stakeholders through improved early warning and resilience knowledge management.

To increase the capacities of Syrian women activists and women CSOs, as well as key stakeholders within the Syrian drama industry, to promote women’s inclusion in the transition process.

Improving the ability of bloggers and netizens to encourage and facilitate dialogue between different interest groups; setting new standards for independent journalism for the aftermath of the conflict; establishing a sustainable model for online training and mentoring to help fill skills gaps after the war.