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Cine Europa 20 - Padyak para sa Kalikasan 2017

"Cine Europa 20 caps its tour around the Philippines on 3 December in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. For 20 years, the EU’s annual film festival has gone beyond showcasing critically-acclaimed European movies, as it also ventured out to other events like biking and lectures. Clearly, Cine Europa has become an effective platform for cultural exchange. It has also been a venue for establishing new partnerships with Filipino institutions. Importantly, it has engaged more Filipinos every year. To all our partners and loyal patrons, thank you for your continued support and expect another colourful Cine Europa in 2018!” - EU Ambassador Franz Jessen.

The European Union invited a delegation from Myanmar to participate in an international study trip to observe the municipal election in Denmark

ဥေရာပသမဂၢသည္ ျမန္မာနိဳင္ငံမွ ကိုယ္စားလွယ္အဖြဲ႕တစ္ဖြဲ႕အား ဒိန္းမတ္နိဳင္ငံ၏ ေဒသႏၱရ အုပ္ခ်ဳပ္ေရး ဆိုင္ရာ ေရြးေကာက္ပြဲမ်ားကို ေလ့လာနိဳင္ရန္အတြက္ နိဳင္ငံတကာေလ့လာေရး ခရီးစဥ္တစ္ခုတြင္ ပါ၀င္နိဳင္ရန္ ဖိတ္ၾကားခဲ့ပါသည္။


The EU and Japan are both major international trading powers, and our trading relationship matters to both of us.




Bamako (Mali), 07 December 2017 - In the framework of the Malian presidency of the G5 Sahel, the validation workshops of the conceptual framework of organization and functioning of the police component of Joint Force G5 Sahel took place in Bamako from the 6th to the 08th of December 2017.