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In 2017 every 2 seconds one person was forced to flee their home due to war, persecution or violence. With millions of people in need on a record high the European Union continues its work with partners around the world to address the humanitarian challenges and to provide long-term support. Last year, €2 billion of the EU's humanitarian budget was allocated to help displaced people and host communities in 49 countries. And EU Member States have granted protection to more than 538 000 people.

It is my pleasure to deliver some remarks at this important event - LAUNCHING OF THE SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) GUIDE BOOK titled “KITABU CHA MAFUNZO YA UMEME WA JUA”. I extend our sincere thanks to COSTECH for inviting EU to be part of this event.

Conflict diamonds have played a major role in funding some of the most devastating civil wars in Africa. The Kimberley Process is a coalition of governments, civil society and the diamond industry which is helping to eliminate the trade in so-called conflict diamonds.

18 Juin 2018
MBANZA-NDOUNGA, NGANGA-LINGOLO – Avec une nouvelle enveloppe de 500 000 euros (soit plus de 300 millions de F CFA), l'Union européenne renouvelle son aide humanitaire en faveur des populations déplacées du Pool. Ce lundi 18 juin, sous le patronage de Mme. Antoinette Dinga-Dzondo, Ministre des Affaires Sociales et de l’Action Humanitaire, Mme. Saskia De Lang, Ambassadeur de l’Union européenne en République du Congo, accompagnée de représentants des Etats membres et de M. Koffi Akakpo, Représentant Adjoint du Programme Alimentaire Mondial (PAM) se rend à Mbanza Ndounga et à Nganga Lingolo.

The Delegation of the European Union travelled to Lagodekhi on Saturday, 16 June to celebrate Europe Day with local citizens.


შაბათს 16 ივნისს, ევროკავშირის წარმომადგენლობა ლაგოდეხში გაემგზავრა ევროპის დღის აღსანიშნავად ადგილობრივ მოქალაქეებთან ერთად.


S'engager en faveur des populations congolaises ne signifie pas seulement financer des projets de développement, Cela peut se traduire par des gestes plus simples et plus spontanés mais tout aussi vitaux et donc porteurs de sens pour les congolais.