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Always wanted to know more about Dutch culture? This is your chance! From September to November the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands organizes a free film festival across New Zealand. The three films that will be screened are Why We Cycle, Tulipani and Soof 1. The Why We Cycle screenings will be opened by drinks and nibbles and followed by an interactive panel discussion with experts from various perspectives.

Feasibility Study for the Preparation of the 10th EDF Support for the Bahamas. Identification of activities that could be considered for funding by the 10th EDF.

Ce projet consiste à contribuer à l’'amélioration d'une part la situation de l'assainissement écologique du milieu d'intervention et d'autre part les conditions socio-économiques de la population cible.

The overall objective of the intervention is to reduce poverty and improve the living standards of the rural population in the northern districts of Corozal and Orange Walk.

L'objectif globale est de contribuer à l'atteinte du 7ème Objectif du Millénaire pour le Développement en matière d’environnement durable (eau potable, hygiène), et de contribuer à l’amélioration de la santé et du bien-être de la population.

The purpose of this contract is to provide technical and administrative support to the National Authorising Office and the Ministry of Agriculture for the successful implementation of the Belize Rural Development Project II (BRDP II) programme.

L'objectif de l'intervention est d'augmenter la couverture et production d’eau potable de la ville de Djibouti à un coût non rédhibitoire, par la réalisation d'une usine de dessalement pour une production de 22500 m³ dans une première phase et une deuxième phase de 45.000 m³.

The overall objective of EPA Exports is to increase the range and/or volume of Jamaican food exports, based on MSMEs accessing new market opportunities and/ or producing value added products. Within the overall project's goal, four specific objectives will be sought: