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Today, the Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint Communication on the EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. The Joint Communication contains concrete actions to reinforce the strategic engagement with the region, as tasked by the Council on 19 April 2021.




The EU is stepping up its strategic engagement with the vital Indo-Pacific region. The region’s growing economic, demographic, and political weight makes it a key player in shaping the rules-based international order and in addressing global challenges. With this new strategy, the EU aims to contribute to the region’s stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development, in line with the principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights and international law.


Бо мақсади боло бурдани сифати молии маҳсулоти хӯроквории ба содирот равонашуда дар Осиёи Марказӣ «Вебинари минтақавӣ оид ба таъмини сифати молии мағзи чормағзҳо» ташкил карда шуд.

С целью повышения товарного качества экспортно-ориентированной пищевой продукции в Центральной Азии недавно был организован “Региональный вебинар по обеспечению товарного качества ядер грецких орехов”.


Regional Webinar on Commercial Quality Assurance of Walnuts" was organized recently in order to improve the commercial quality of export-oriented food products in Central Asia.