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Сегодня Посол Европейского Союза в Российской Федерации Маркус Эдерер сделал следующее заявление:


Today, Markus Ederer, Ambassador of the European Union to the Russian Federation, has made the following statement:


Op-ed by Nataliya Apostolova, Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative, published in daily Koha Ditore and


Op-Ed nga Nataliya Apostolova, Shefe e Zyrës së BE-së në Kosovë/Përfaqësuese e Posaçme e BE-së botuar në Koha Ditore

Ekskluzivna kolumna ambasadorke Natalije Apostolove, šefice Kancelarije EU na Kosovu i specijalne predstavnice EU, povodom posete predsednika Evropske komisije Žan-Kloda Junkera zvaničnoj Prištini objavljena na


The High Representative and EU Foreign ministers discussed the situation in Syria at the beginning of their meeting. The Council held a debate on Venezuela and on Moldova. Foreign ministers had a discussion on the Middle Peace Process with foreign ministers, members of the LAS ministerial delegation on Jerusalem chaired by Jordan (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, the Palestinian Authority).

Civil society organisations are a voice for those who are too often not heard. They have the courage to stand up against injustices, even if sometimes with risks for themselves. The European Union will never leave human rights defenders and civil society organisations alone.