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China is EU's second largest trading partner. Our trade in goods doubled over the last decade to a staggering PHP 750 billion per day!
In last week's Summit our leaders signed numerous agreements and agreed to move forward on trade; state aid control; energy cooperation; connectivity; customs cooperation; research; tourism; maritime affairs; and of course climate change.
"We share a fundamental interest in upholding and strengthening the rules-based international system, we also discussed the issue of human rights today" President Tusk said while EU Trade Commissioner Malmström that "Sound economic development, trade and investment also require respect for the rule of law, with independent lawyers and judges who can operate freely and independently. To conduct business people need to be able to access free and independent information, communicate and discuss."
Good news for our farmers too: EU and China agreed to look into protecting each other's geographical indications where China is making headway with, among many, its Yantai apple, Panjin rice; and Baise Mang Guo (Baise Mango).
We love those too but of course no competition for the Philippines' mangoes.

Green public procurement, an opportunity for growth. Supporting the Government of the Philippines to buy green with the Department of Budget and Management, the Government Procurement Policy Board and the Department of Trade and Industry through the EU

Torture is a crime under international law. It is not effective and cannot be justified at any time and under any circumstances, including during conflict, when national security is under threat or in the fight against terrorism.

Proud winners of the poster competition Colors of Sustainability organised by DENR with support from the EU SWITCH programme receive their prizes.

The Solid Waste Treatment Plant of Tripoli is the largest in the country and combines sorting, recycling and composting.


يعتبر معمل معالجة النفايات في طرابلس الأكبر في لبنان وهو يجمع بين الفرز وإعادة التدوير والتسبيخ.