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The ACP-EU Migration Action*, programme implemented by the IOM in the West and Central Africa regions and funded by the EU, includes a component for the disbursement of grants to Non State Actors (NSAs) in ACP countries/regions on topics identified in the recommendations of the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development.

In the West and Central Africa region, one grant of up to 100.000 EUR will be disbursed to a selected NSA for the implementation of a project of up to 10 months in the area of remittances. This topic was identified on the basis of the interest demonstrated by ACP countries in the region through the implementation of the technical assistance component of the Action.

* The ACP-EU Migration Action is an initiative of the ACP Secretariat that is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Organization for Migration.

Odnos EU sa regionom; informacije o njenoj istoriji i EU smjernicama i programima.


Saznajte više o tome šta je Evropska unija, o njenoj istoriji i njenim državama. Činjenice i brojke o životu u EU.


EU na različite načine nudi poslove građanima, ona pruža i javne ugovore i obezbjeđuje finansiranje u obliku donacija kako bi podržala projekte i organizacije.


Od stvaranja takozvane Šengenske zone, putovanje između EU zemalja je postalo mnogo lakše. Kvalitet, različitost i mogućnosti su među mnogim prednostima evropskih institucija visokog obrazovanja.


Телефонные звонки, СМС и выход в интернет с мобильного устройства в любой стране ЕС будут рассчитываться в соответствии с тарифами домашней сети сотового оператора, зарегистрированного в одной из стран ЕС.

Statement by the Spokesperson on the attack in Herat, Afghanistan


Déclaration de la porte-parole sur l'attentat perpétré à Hérat, en Afghanistan


The Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Cassava Value Chain in Kenya programme will help 28,000 small holder farmers acquire clean, quality planting materials and improve productivity and marketability of the food crop.

The EU-FAO FLEGT Programme's objective is to tackle illegal logging, promote trade in legal timber products and ultimately contribute to sustainable forest management (SFM) and poverty reduction. The programme is now accepting concept notes from government institutions, civil society, indigenous and tribal peoples, and private sector organizations in countries that have already negotiated or are in the pre-negotiation / negotiation / implementation phase of a Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) with the European Union.