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The European Union Delegation, the Heads of Mission of EU Member States present in Harare and the Head of Mission of Switzerland issue the following statement in Zimbabwe:

Today, 9 March 2017, marks two years since the abduction of human rights defender Itai Dzamara. The fate of Mr Dzamara remains unknown and his family continues to fear for his life.  


Botswana has achieved much when it comes to gender parity in areas such as employment, land ownership or enrolment in secondary and tertiary education but women and girl children are still far too often victims of gender based violence and abuse. Sexual abuse of school girls remains a big concern "as you know better than I could ever. And it is simple: it is wrong. And we all need to be bold enough to say so and to be bold enough to do something against it, " European Union Ambassador to Botswana and SADC Alexander Baum Baum said at the national commemoration of the International Women's Day at Ditshegwane Village.

The project “Strengthen Prevention and Combating of Corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic” was officially launched in Bishkek on the 9th of March with the participation of the Council of Europe and prominent representatives of the main beneficiary institutions in Kyrgyzstan. On this occasion, the project will be introduced to the stakeholders, including government institutions and civil society.

Проект “Усиление мер по предотвращению и противодействию коррупции в Кыргызской Республике” был официально запущен в Бишкеке 9 марта с участием представителей Совета Европы и ключевых учреждений-бенефициаров Кыргызстана. Проект будет презентован всем заинтересованным сторонам, включая государственные учреждения и гражданское общество.

«Кыргыз Республикасында коррупцияны болтурбоо жана ага каршы аракеттенүү боюнча чараларды күчөтүү» долбоору Бишкек шаарында Европа Кеӊешинин өкүлдөрүнүн жана негизги Кыргызстандын бенефициарларынын катышуусу менен расмий түрдө 9-марта башталды. Долбоор бардык кызыкдар болгон тараптар үчүн, мамлекеттик мекелерди жана жарандык коомду кошуп алганда, бет ачары болот.

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