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В начале января в Бресте (Франция) прошли неофициальные совещания министров стран ЕС: министры обороны встречались 12 и 13 января, а министры иностранных дел — 13 и 14 января.


The meeting of EU Defence Ministers took place on 12 and 13 January in Brest (France). It was followed by the informal meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers (Gymnich), on 13 and 14 January.


Девятнадцать новых конкурсов проектных предложений и конкурс экспертов, открытые в настоящее время в рамках пяти Европейских миссий программы «Горизонт Европа», предоставляют возможности для участия профильных организаций и ведущих экспертов из Европы и других стран.


Nineteen new calls for project proposals and a call for experts are currently open under the five European Missions in the Horizon Europe programme providing opportunities for international cooperation and participation of top experts from Europe and beyond.


The Localisation Expo organized by Oxfam in Erbil for the period 11-12 January 2022, with the attendance of more than 40 local and International organisations, was an excellent opportunity for the European Delegation to Iraq to present its roadmap for engagement with civil society.

High Representative Josep Borrell spoke with the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Cambodia, Prak Sokhonn on 20 January.

The High Representative congratulated Cambodia on assuming the ASEAN Chairmanship for 2022. He looked forward to working with Cambodia in advancing the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership.

Canada is one of the EU’s closest partners. Respect for democratic principles, human rights and fundamental
freedoms and a commitment to the rules-based international order underpin this partnership.