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The recent agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme and developments in Libya, Tunisia and the Middle East Peace Process dominated July's meeting of Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.


40th Anniversary of the establishment of relations between the EU and China.

Tashkent, 17 July 2015 – Top officials from the European Union, United Nations and the Republic of Uzbekistan launched the Central Asia Regional Secretariat of Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) risk mitigation Centre of Excellence in Tashkent today.


Ташкент, 17 июля 2015 года – Сегодня в Ташкенте должностными лицами Европейского Союза, Организации Объединенных Наций и Республики Узбекистан был открыт Региональный Секретариат Центра передового опыта по минимизации рисков, связанных с химическими, биологическими, радиологическими и ядерными материалами (ХБРЯ) по Центральной Азии.


Les arrestations systématiques de plusieurs avocats spécialisés dans les droits de l'homme et défenseurs des droits de l'homme auxquelles ont procédé récemment les forces de sécurité publique chinoises soulève de graves questions sur la détermination de la Chine à renforcer l'État de droit.



The recent systematic arrest of a number of human rights lawyers and human rights defenders by Chinese public security forces raises serious questions about China's commitment to strengthening the rule of law.

The Chinese authorities should abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, respect the rights of all citizens as recognised by the Chinese Constitution and release all those detained for seeking to protect these rights.



The installation of new demarcation signposts along the administrative boundary line of Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia has led to tension in the area, with potentially negative effects on the local population, their livelihood and freedom of movement.