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A new EU-funded project on biosafety and biosecurity kicks-off for Afghanistan

Kabul, 02 Ocotber 2016


The EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Ambassadors from EU Member States will visit Medan this October 2016 to promote Europe and to enhance linkages with the province of North Sumatra and the city of Medan.

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EHEF Yogyakarta, 2 November 2016 at Jogya Expo Center
EHEF Jakarta, 5-6 November 2016 at Kartika Expo Center, Balai Kartini
EHEF Surabaya, 8 November 2016 at Grand City Ballroom

2 October is Indonesia's National Batik Day. The EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Vincent Guérend, the EU Ambassador to ASEAN Francisco Fontan as well as staff of both the EU Delegation to Indonesia and the EU Mission to ASEAN, celebrated this special day by wearing batik.


2 Oktober merupakan Hari Batik Nasional untuk Indonesia. Duta Besar Uni Eropa untuk Indonesia dan Brunei Vincent Guérend, Duta Besar Uni Eropa untuk ASEAN Francisco Fontan beserta staf dari Delegasi Uni Eropa untuk Indonesia serta Misi Uni Eropa untuk ASEAN turut merayakan hari istimewa ini dengan mengenakan batik.


By Christopher Board - Higher education fair on October 1 showcases the sheer range of options across Europe.

Mars 1969 : signature du premier accord commercial UE-Tunisie Octobre 1972 : élargissement d'une Communauté de six à neuf: adhésion de la Grande-Bretagne, du Danemark et de l'Irlande

25 avril 1976 : signature du premier Accord de coopération UE-Tunisie

27 avril 1979 : ouverture de la Délégation de la Commission européenne en Tunisie