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In response to an invitation from the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN), the European Union has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to observe elections to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies scheduled for 26 November and 7 December 2017.

Election observation gives the opportunity to assess an electoral process according to international standards. The EU is a leading global player in providing and financing electoral assistance complementary to election observation.

Upon the invitation of a foreign country organising democratic elections, the EU can decide to deploy an Election Observation Mission to the country's elections in consultation with the European Parliament and Member States.

Each EU missions works in the framework of a comprehensive approach. The mission works in agreement and coordination with the EU Delegations in the same area and in the framework of EU regional policies.

The global objective of this call for proposals is to invite applicants from Civil Society to develop project proposals that contribute to the reform of the police in the Republic of Moldova, making it a stronger and more professional organisation.

No dia 13 de Outubro de 2017, às 9:30, o estabelecimento prisional de Bafatá acolhe um evento cultural e artístico organizado no quadro do projeto de reinserção social e promoção dos direitos dos prisioneiros na Guiné-Bissau “Prisoneiro tene Balur”- Fase II. Este projeto é financiado pela União Europeia e executado pela Mani Tese, juntamente com a Direção Geral dos Serviços Prisionais.

Communiqué de presse conjoint: réunion de la commission mixte UE-Pakistan et de ses sous-groupes


Joint Press Release: European Union-Pakistan Joint Commission and its Sub-groups meet