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Na quinta-feira 27 de Abril, a partir das 16.30 no Estádio Lino Correia, o Conselho Nacional Evangélico, o Conselho Nacional Islâmico, o Conselho Superior Islâmico, a Igreja Adventista do 7º dia, a Igreja Católica, a Missão Batista, a União Nacional dos Imames e a Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus convocam toda a população para participar na cerimónia inter-religiosa sob o lema "Nô junta nó rassa pá PAZ na Guiné".

Déclaration de la porte-parole sur l’exécution de M. Ledell Lee dans l’État américain de l’Arkansas


Statement by the Spokesperson on the execution of Mr Ledell Lee in the US State of Arkansas


Déclaration de la porte-parole sur l’explosion sur une route dans la région méridionale de la Somalie centrale

A 13-Member delegation including six Members of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee paid an official visit to Ghana on 20 April, 2017.

The Delegation of the European Union to the UN in Geneva co-sponsored this year's "The Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge", an annual cyber policy competition for students across the globe to compete in developing national security policy recommendations to tackle a fictional cyber catastrophe. The event took place in partnership with the Atlantic Council and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), focussing this year on a possible cyber-attack on European networks. Competitors will provide recommendations balancing individual national approaches and a collective crisis management response, considering capabilities, policies, and governance structures of NATO, EU, and individual nations.

It is with sadness that the EU Delegation to South Africa takes note of last night's terror attack in Paris leaving one police officer dead and two others seriously injured. The attacker was shot on the scene while a second man, suspected of being linked to the shooting, reportedly surrendered himself in Belgium.

La haute représentante et vice-présidente, Mme Federica Mogherini, tient des réunions bilatérales au cours de sa visite en Inde