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¿Cómo ha evolucionado la política exterior de la Unión Europea en los últimos años? ¿Cuáles han sido los principales logros? ¿Cuáles son las mayores oportunidades y los principales desafíos para la UE en un panorama que cambia rápidamente?

As time flies by, the EEAS has been growing, and growing fast… even in difficult times, the global connection through its network of Delegations and partners around the world has been immense… and here we are now marking its 10th Birthday!

The European Union provided today an additional contribution of €9.27 million to support the Palestinian Authority with medical referrals to East Jerusalem Hospitals.


Cross-border traders in ASEAN can now take advantage of a new online Customs transit management system – the ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS), to accelerate trade in goods by road within ASEAN. The ACTS was developed with the support of the European Union.

On 27 November, Prof. Kohei Itoh from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, briefed the EU S&T Counsellors on quantum computing research and development led by the Japanese government and industries.




To support partner countries in the fight against the coronavirus and its consequences, the European Union has mobilised a “Team Europe” package of over €800 million for the ASEAN region.