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The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and the State Government of Berlin are jointly implementing the project “Smart Change”, funded by the European Union, to improve integrated urban development through their city partnership.


Comforting survivors and assisting them to access justice continue to motivate Dr Losana Burua to carry out her work as clinical doctor at the Medical Services Pacific (MSP) post-rape clinic in Suva.


First EU-ASEAN HPC – 2021 Virtual Summer School

The first EU-ASEAN high-performance computing (HPC) summer school is a virtual programme open to students interested in learning from leading international experts in the field from the EU and ASEAN. This virtual school is supported by the Enhanced Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (E-READI).


O Conselho Nacional da Amazônia Legal (CNAL) e a Delegação da União Europeia realizaram hoje, 3 de março, em Brasília, a primeira reunião de intercâmbio de informações sobre políticas e ações do governo brasileiro na Amazônia Legal.

Statements delivered by Ambassador J. Aguiar Machado

13 países de América Latina y casi 100 participantes han compartido información con Europol, Interpol, Ameripol y el Consejo de Europa a través del Convenio Medicrime

Ahead of the International Women’s Day on 8 March, we continue to share how the European Union actions or projects are empowering women in the Pacific.

Jeannette Ramarisoa is a farm owner in Madagascar. Even though she had been a farmer since the age of 19, she had never had an official certificate confirming that she owned her land. So she couldn’t use it as collateral to borrow from a bank and expand or diversify. But then the EU worked with the government of Madagascar to give farmers official certificates confirming that they owned their land.