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The European Union (EU) launches the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia programme today to assist European Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to tap onto potential business opportunities in the fast-growing region. Built upon the successful EU Gateway model of matchmaking and business support services, this EU-funded initiative aims to forge long-lasting business collaborations in South East Asia.

Today's lethal attack by Al-Shabaab against an African Union base in southern Somalia is another attempt to undermine a political process towards a stable and secure Somalia and a population desiring a life in peace.

The EU expresses its condolences to the victims and their families in Somalia and in Kenya.
The EU is a staunch supporter of AMISOM and the Somali security forces. They provide the necessary security for any of the key political processes to be sustainably achieved in Somalia.


L'attentat meurtrier perpétré ce jour par Al-Chabab contre une base de l'Union africaine dans le sud de la Somalie constitue une nouvelle tentative de compromettre un processus politique visant à établir la stabilité et la sécurité en Somalie et de porter atteinte à une population qui aspire à vivre en paix.


L'UE exprime ses condoléances aux victimes et à leurs familles en Somalie et au Kenya.



The policy of the European Union towards the North African and Middle Eastern countries seeks to encourage political and economic reform in each individual country in due respect for its specific features and regional cooperation among the countries of the region themselves and with the EU.


تهدف سياسة الاتحاد الأوروبي تجاه دول شمال إفريقيا والشرق الأوسط إلى تشجيع الإصلاح السياسي والاقتصادي في كل بلد على حدة مع الاحترام الواجب لسماته الخاصة و التعاون الإقليمي بين دول المنطقة نفسها ومع الاتحاد الأوروبي.


The European Union is raising its profile and presence in the Pacific while negotiating its post-2020 partnership with Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) countries.

The EU's main objective in Asia is to help engender the political and social stability of the region, promoting policies to assist in maintaining as much as possible its high rates of economic growth, also for the benefit of Europe's own economy and citizens.

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The emergence of Asia is of global significance. Getting EU relations right with this diverse and dynamic region is one of the major challenges facing Europe.