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EU trade colleagues visited Cebu for trade talks with a special treat being the Chocolate Chamber: Cacao plants were brought to the Philippines as early as 1670. Raquel Choa, founder of the chamber explained her grandmothers’ tablea drink being a wholesome legacy that inspired her to make the most delicious chocolate some of our colleagues ever tasted. “Facilitating trade by bringing tariffs down and easing customs procedures will help us bring more of this sweetest trade treat to Europe”

15 февраля 2017 года с. г. в Ташкент состоялась презентация нового проекта «Укрепление транспортных и логистических бизнес-ассоциаций в Центральной Азии». Проект финансируется Европейским Союзом, выделившим 750000 евро на его реализацию, и будет осуществлен на территории Узбекистана и Туркменистана в 2017– 2019 гг. В презентации приняли участие Глава Делегации ЕС в Узбекистане Посол Эдуардс Стипрайс, члены проектной команды, партнерские организации, предприниматели, журналисты и дипломаты.

On 15 February 2017, a new project “Strengthening Transport and Logistics Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) in Central Asia” was launched in Tashkent. The project is funded by the EU (750.000 EUR) and will be implemented in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in 2017-2019. Ambassador Eduards Stiprais, Head of the EU Delegation to Uzbekistan, project team staff, representatives of partner organisations, entrepreneurs, diplomats and journalists attended the kick-off meeting.

EU News 28/2017
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EU News 28/2017


This call for proposals is part of the thematic programme “Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities 2014-2020”, adopted in 2014. An information session will be held on 6 March 2017, in Yangon, and the deadline for submission of concept notes is 24 April 2017 (Brussels date and time).

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