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ევროკავშირის ახალგაზრდების გაძლიერების ინიციატივა „ახალგაზრდა ევროპელი ელჩები“ 4 წლის იუბილეს აღნიშნავს და ქსელს ახალი წევრებით აფართოებს. ევროკავშირის ელჩი კარლ ჰარცელი მილოცვებს უერთდება და ახალაგზრდა ევროპელი ელჩებისადმი მადლიერებას გამოხატავს.

The EU’s Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) youth empowerment initiative celebrates its fourth anniversary this week by welcoming new members to the network. EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell is among those passing on his congratulations and appreciation for the YEAs.

The European Union and the Civic Assistance Committee joined forces to help refugees and migrants in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic in the framework of “The right to self-isolation for refugees and migrants during the outbreak of coronavirus” project, which was launched in early June. Its goal is to provide these vulnerable groups with food, shelter and medical care.


Европейский Союз и комитет «Гражданское содействие» объединили усилия для оказания помощи беженцам и мигрантам в России во время пандемии коронавирусной инфекции, приступив в начале июня к реализации проекта «Право на самоизоляцию для беженцев и мигрантов во время вспышки коронавируса». Его цель — обеспечить эти уязвимые группы населения продуктами питания, жильем и медицинской помощью.


On 7 July 2020, the OECD, the EU and the government of Afghanistan, organised a videoconference to assess immediate COVID-19 challenges, share policy experiences, and discuss longer-term investment promotion avenues in Afghanistan.

Starting 8 to 10 July, the European Union and the African Union will engage youth in a Meet-Up, Speak-Up and Listen Up session.

During the Youth Meet-Up, an online event, African & European youth will meet together to think about their post-COVID-19 future and to make recommendations to the 5th Africa-Europe Youth Summit, to take place alongside the Summit of African and European Heads of States in October.