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В 21-м веке нет места пыткам над людьми. В Международный день в поддержку жертв пыток Европейский Союз вновь подтверждает свою приверженность борьбе с пытками во всем мире — во всех их формах, в любых ситуациях и при любых обстоятельствах.



14. The European Council reverted to the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the European Union’s relations with Turkey, and recalled the EU’s strategic interest in a stable and secure environment in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the development of a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey. It welcomes the de-escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean, which needs to be sustained in line with the statement by the Members of the European Council of 25 March 2021.


Madam President,

The EU would like to thank the Independent Expert, Mr. Madrigal-Borloz, for his presentation and the report on “The law of inclusion” that analyses the current state of international human rights law in relation to the recognition of gender and gender identity and expression with aim to support better understanding of gender theory.


14. El Consejo Europeo ha vuelto a tratar la situación en el Mediterráneo oriental y las relaciones de la Unión Europea con Turquía y ha recordado que la UE tiene un interés estratégico en un entorno estable y seguro en el Mediterráneo oriental y en el desarrollo de una relación cooperativa y mutuamente beneficiosa con Turquía. Celebra la distensión en el Mediterráneo oriental, que debe mantenerse en consonancia con la Declaración de los miembros del Consejo Europeo de 25 de marzo de 2021.

25 June 2021, Geneva - Statement on behalf of the European Union and its Member States delivered by His Excellency Mr Rui Macieira, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Portugal to the United Nations Office and other international organisations in Geneva, for Humanitarian Affairs Segment of ECOSOC

The European Union offers a wide range of funding opportunities in the Arctic regions for businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, local and regional authorities, young people and Indigenous peoples’ groups. Here you may find more information about the possibilities available under the Structural Funds, Horizon Europe, and educational and environmental programmes.