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The European Union (EU) Delegation to Korea in collaboration with the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ECCK) and the Korean Importers Association (KOIMA), invite participation by enterprises and stakeholders in the forthcoming EU-KOREA Business Forum on 22 September 2016. The forum will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Members of Wellington diplomatic community, city officials and members of the public came together today to open the newly-named ‘Europe Lane’, marking Wellington’s long-standing ties with Europe. The lane runs through a park in Wellington's CBD, from Bowen Street to Aurora Terrace.

Сложные времена вынуждают нас мыслить по-новому, подходить к ним с позиции инноваций, с позиции перспективы. Мы должны способствовать росту в ЕС и благосостоянию наших граждан, а также сотрудничать с нашими странами-соседями, способствуя их росту, стабильности и благосостоянию. С этой задачей можно справиться только сообща при участии общества и частного сектора, финансовых институтов и неправительственных организаций. Мы, Европейский союз, сегодня подаем пример. Во времена возрастающих потребностей и сокращающихся ресурсов Европейскому союзу приходиться искать способы более экономного использования общественных средств. Именно это мы сделали снова на прошлой неделе. Мы представили общий обзор бюджета ЕС, который позволяет к 2020 году высвободить дополнительные 6,3 млрд евро на финансирование приоритетных областей, более гибко использовать бюджет и устранять бюрократические препоны для малых и средних предприятий и неправительственных организаций. Но самое главное – это то, что мы расширили действие одного гарантийного фонда для увеличения инвестиций в Европе, направленных на создание новых рабочих мест, и мы создаем новый фонд для стимулирования роста и стабильности в странах соседства и в Африке.


Достижение инклюзивного устойчивого роста и создание рабочих мест – одни из основных задач для стран с развивающейся экономикой.

On 19 September, the EU Delegation organised an event on Climate change challenges related to Food Security and Agriculture, with a special focus on emergency situations. This event was organised as part of the EU week for Climate Diplomacy and took place at the premises of the World Food Programme (WFP). It provided an opportunity to exchange views and experiences on climate change challenges in relation to emergencies and covered areas such as resilience, emergency preparedness, early response and innovative financing.

Challenging times call for us to rise to meet them with new thinking. With innovation. With vision. We have to foster our internal growth and the wellbeing of our citizens. And we have to cooperate with our neighbouring countries to support their own growth, stability and wellbeing. This challenge we can only meet with a choral work, involving the public and the private sectors, the financial institutions and civil society. As European Union we are now setting an example. At a time of growing needs and shrinking resources, the European Union has had to come up with new ways to make public funding stretch further. We have done so again this week. We presented an overall review of the EU budget that frees up an additional €6.3 billion in financing for priority areas by 2020, makes the use of the budget more flexible and cuts red tape for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-governmental organisations. Most importantly, we have extended one guarantee fund for job-creating investments in Europe, and we are launching a new one to foster growth and stability in our neighbourhood and in Africa.

On 19 September, representatives of four Western Balkans police services participated at a regional conference that was held in Skopje.
The conference, hosted by the Mitko Chavkov, Police Director of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and facilitated by the EULEX Kosovo mission, was organized to intensify the cooperation and harmonise further actions related terrorism and organized crime in the Balkans. The Police Directors from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and FYROM, accompanied by their respective Directors of Investigations, participated in the Conference.

Les porte-paroles de la Haute-Représentante/Vice-Présidente Federica Mogherini et du Commissaire pour la coopération internationale et le développement Neven Mimica ont fait la déclaration conjointe suivante

The Somalia Ministry of Education signed a Cooperation Framework and Memorandum of Understanding with 3 Federal Ministries of Education from Jubaland, Galmudug and Southwest Administration to facilitate smooth management of education and provide a collaboration platform between the National and Federal levels of government. The exercise was supported by the EU and facilitated by ADRA.

Tribune commune sur le lancement du plan d’investissement extérieur européen

Mme Mogherini, haute représentante/vice-présidente, et M. Mimica, membre de la Commission