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L'arrivée du Conseil présidentiel dans la capitale représente une occasion unique pour les Libyens de toutes les tendances de s'unir et de se réconcilier sur les bases de l'accord politique national. Il s'agit d'une avancée importante pour la transition démocratique en Libye et pour la mise en œuvre de l'accord politique libyen, conformément aux aspirations du peuple libyen. 


The arrival of the Presidency Council in the capital represents a unique opportunity for Libyans from all factions to reunite and reconcile on the basis of the Libyan Political Agreement.  This is an important step for Libya's democratic transition and for the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement, in line with the wishes of the Libyan people. 
It is crucial for Libyan institutions, actors and stakeholders, to show support and work with the Presidency Council and the Government National Accord.



"The Supreme Court of Belarus on 29 March confirmed the death sentence against Ivan Kulesh, which had already been handed down by the Hrodna Regional Court in November 2015.

Mr Kulesh is guilty of serious crimes and we reiterate our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the victims of these crimes.