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Tradicionalmente se piensa que una escuela es un lugar para aprender… ¿pero y si la necesidad es desaprender aquello que aprendimos mal?

Since our last meeting, the situation of the WTO has further deteriorated. Not only the discontinuation of the Appellate Body’s work has become an evident prospect, but attempts to obstruct the functioning of this Organization through the budget discussion have shattered Members’ confidence in the WTO. This has diverted us from progressing our negotiation agenda or from finding ways to resume nominations of the Appellate Body Members, which should be the priority. While the European Union is alarmed about the current state of affairs at the WTO, we remain strongly determined to address the challenges in front of us.

5 December 2019, New York – Remarks by Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation to the United Nations, at the Side Event by Rondine, Cittadella Della Pace: Leaders for Peace, One Year Later: Towards a Global Leaders School

Senior key opinion leaders of the ASEAN High Performance Computing (HPC) Task Force, key representatives of the European Commission DG RTD, and European and ASEAN experts met in Luxembourg for the 2nd EU-ASEAN HPC Coordination Group Meeting.

5 December 2019, New York – European Union Statement at the High-level Mid-Term Review of the implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action (VPoA) for Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs)

Más de 100 jóvenes mexicanos participaron en nuestro concurso de videos sobre cambio climático


Más de 100 jóvenes mexicanos participaron en nuestro concurso de videos sobre cambio climático


Following a request for assistance from the World Health Organisation, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated to tackle the serious measles outbreak in Samoa. Through this mechanism, two emergency medical teams from France and Norway are already in the capital city of Apia providing much needed medical assistance.

-Esta entrevista fue publicada recientemente en el sitio del Programa Euroclima+, en el marco de la COP25.
-EUROCLIMA+ es un programa financiado por la Unión Europea, que ofrece una amplia gama de servicios especializados orientados a apoyar la implementación de los compromisos del Acuerdo de París en el ámbito de la gobernanza climática, del financiamiento y la asistencia técnica para la ejecución de proyectos con los países latinoamericanos.