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يلتزم الاتحاد الأوربي بحق جميع الناس في الحصول على رعاية صحية أفضل. بالاضافة إلى كونها حقا عالميا أساسيا، فإننا ننظر إلى توفر الخدمات الصحية الجيدة في ليبيا كمساهم رئيسي في السلام والاستقرار وعلى المدى الطويل وكعنصر أساسي في بناء الدولة الليبية.


The European Union is committed to the right of all people to access better healthcare. In addition to being a basic universal right, we view the availability of quality health services in Libya as a major contributor to peace and stability and in the longer term, as a central element of building the Libyan state.



Inventing another future based on collaboration is inevitable and Youth has a key role to play in this process. The current Covid pandemic makes this collaboration even more imperative,  particularly between Africa and Europe.  With the next Summit of African and European Heads of States planned for 28-29 October – as well as the accompanying Youth Summit - it is paramount for Youth from both continents to be able to debate, interact, and weigh in. 

 Fresh ideas and new recommendations for the upcoming Africa-Europe Youth Summit