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L'UE e la Svizzera si prefiggono obiettivi di politica climatica convergenti. Una visione globale, un obiettivo climatico a lungo termine, un meccanismo di verifica periodica e maggiore trasparenza sono infatti anche gli obiettivi che l'Unione europea si pone per la COP21 di Parigi.


Die EU und die Schweiz ziehen in der Klimapolitik am gleichen Strang. Eine globale Vision, ein langfristiges Klimaziel mit einer regelmässigen Überprüfung und mehr Transparenz: das sind auch die Verhandlungsziele der Europäischen Union für die COP21 in Paris.


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We have difficult times. All of us know very well that apart from the meeting of today, both us, Turkey, but also the region, Turkish people, the European people are all living in very difficult times. And I believe it is important to frame the day - that many describe as an important day - to frame the day of today in the broader picture. And it is a broader picture that sees us working closely with Turkey on many difficult issues, and very important for all of us. 

EU Food Festival in Shanghai

From October 29 to November 8, the EU Food Festival in Shanghai brought together over 30 participants from 16 different EU countries promoting EU food and drinks.



Les attaques contre la MINUSMA au Nord Mali aujourd'hui ont entraîné la mort de plusieurs soldats onusiens ainsi que des civils et fait des dizaines de blessés. Elles représentent un coup porté à la stabilité du pays et à la mise en oeuvre de l'accord de paix signé en juin dernier.

L'Union européenne présente ses sincères condoléances aux familles des victimes, ainsi qu'à l'ONU.

Elle réaffirme son plein soutien à la MINUSMA ainsi qu'à la mise en œuvre de l’Accord de paix du Mali.



Today's attacks on MINUSMA in northern Mali have left several UN soldiers and civilians dead and dozens injured. They deal a blow to the country’s stability and the implementation of the peace agreement signed in June 2015.

The European Union extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the UN.

It reiterates its full support for MINUSMA and the implementation of the peace agreement in Mali.


Statement by Peter Sørensen, Head of the EU Delegation to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva

The European Union and Kazakhstan held the seventh round of their annual Human Rights Dialogue in Astana on 26 November. The Kazakhstan delegation was led by Mr Iogan Merkel, First Deputy Prosecutor General, while the EU delegation was led by Mr Toivo Klaar, Head of Central Asia Division at the European External Action Service

The dialogue allowed for constructive exchanges on a wide range of issues, including freedom of association, women's rights, the prevention of torture and ill-treatment of detainees and press freedom.