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Chaque famille a son histoire, voici la nôtre. Elle couvre les cinquante dernières années. Après des débuts difficiles, nous connaissons aujourd’hui une vie meilleure.

Poverty reduction remains a cornerstone of development policy. Increasingly, this focus is complemented with concerns about the potential negative economic and social impact of inequalities or relative poverty.

This paper provides a critical overview of social protection indicators in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) context to support the European Commission’s (EC’s) decision-making on social protection indicators and to support decisions on how the EC can contribute to the global indicator discourse within its own institutional mandate and institutional priorities.

The European Commission’s top priority is to get Europe growing again and increase the number of jobs without creating new debt.

The foundations for the Europe we all know today were laid in 1957 in Rome.

My thoughts are with London tonight, with the families of the victims, with the commuters travelling home, with the people across the country and the world trying to get in touch with their loved ones, with the emergency services working courageously tonight, as every other night.