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“Estamos siguiendo los acontecimientos en Bolivia. Quiero expresar claramente nuestro deseo de que todas las partes en el país ejerzan moderación y responsabilidad, y lleven al país, de manera pacífica y tranquila, a elecciones nuevas y creíbles que permitan al pueblo de Bolivia expresar su voluntad democrática."

Bruselas, 11 de noviembre de 2019

Chers collègues, 

Chers amis, 

Chers spectateurs de Marrakech, 

Je suis particulièrement heureuse d’ouvrir la 27ème édition des Semaines du film européen à Marrakech et dans cette salle mythique du Colisée. 

The Delegation of the European Union to Norway invites you to a seminar on European Union Arms Export Control and Conventional Disarmament. The seminar will explore how the European Union combines political and financial support to the implementation of the relevant international treaties and regimes.

The European Commission is mobilising €55 million to help vulnerable people caught in humanitarian crises in Sudan. The announcement comes as at least 8 million people in Sudan are in need of humanitarian assistance, with 6.3 million not having enough food to meet their needs. One in six children is also suffering from acute undernourishment.

Иттиҳоди Аврупо ва ФАО СММ таҷҳизоти компютериро ба Вазорати кишоварзӣ таҳвил медиҳанд

Европейский Союз и ФАО ООН поставляют компьютерные оборудования Министерству сельского хозяйства


European Union and UN FAO provide computer equipment to the Ministry of Agriculture

The UN Office on Drugs & Crime(UNODC)- World Customs Organization Container Control Programme Practical Training kicked off today in Walvis Bay.

This training is supported by the EU and forms part of the " Cross Regional Wildlife Conservation Programme". In attendance was: the Erongo Regional Commander Andreas Nelumbu; the Deputy Commissioner Mr Iikuyu; Head of Security of Namport, Mr Gerson James, Deputy Director of Customs & Excise Ms Haihambo and Mr Javier Montano from UNODC