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Mme Federica Mogherini, haute représentante de l’Union pour les affaires étrangères et la politique de sécurité/vice-présidente de la Commission européenne, assurera la modération de la prochaine réunion du dialogue à haut niveau entre Belgrade et Pristina avec les Premiers ministres Aleksandar Vučić et Isa Mustafa qui se tiendra à Bruxelles le mardi 21 avril.

The attack in which eleven members of the Colombian armed forces were killed and others wounded by a FARC brigade is a serious obstacle on the way to a much needed reconciliation. The conflict has already claimed too many lives and has caused untold suffering for the Colombian people. The HRVP Federica Mogherini had the chance to discuss on the peace process with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos last week in Panama and restated to him the EU's readiness, and her personal commitment, to support the peace process.

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Your Excellences,

Dear global cyber community,

Back in the 1960s few people thought that the large grey terminals that lined a basement in California would one day change the world. Today, we see their impact on almost every aspect of our lives: the Internet connects people beyond social classes, boosts trade and broadcasts debate. Global connectivity empowers individuals, state and non-state actors – for good and for bad.

Les élections des gouverneurs et des assemblées locales qui ont eu lieu le 11 avril ont marqué la fin du processus électoral nigérian. Ce processus a été transparent, crédible et, dans l’ensemble, pacifique, ce qui est tout à l’honneur des acteurs concernés. Il a constitué un moment historique pour la démocratie au Nigeria et en Afrique.



The elections for Governors and local Assemblies on 11 April brought to an end the Nigerian electoral process. This process has been transparent, credible and largely peaceful which has been a credit to those involved and a historic moment for Nigerian and African democracy.

The EU, which deployed an Election Observation Mission to Nigeria, again congratulates all who participated and who worked hard to make the elections successful and to prevent violence.



"Malaysia has decided to strengthen the Sedition Act, instead of repealing it as previously announced. This can have implications for the exercise of freedom of expression as demonstrated by recent controversial instances of application of the Act.

As a friend to Malaysia, the EU recalls that respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and trust in due process are essential tenets of any democratic system, underpinning growth, prosperity and harmony."

Une année s'est écoulée depuis l'enlèvement par le Boko Haram de 287 jeunes filles à Chibok, dans le Nord-Est du Nigeria. Bien que certaines d'entre elles aient réussi à s'enfuir, d'autres jeunes filles ont depuis été kidnappées et plus de 300 n'ont toujours pas été retrouvées.

Nous exprimons notre solidarité avec les familles durement éprouvées et notre soutien à la campagne «Bring Back Our Girls».



A year has passed since 287 school girls from Chibok, in north-eastern Nigeria, were abducted by Boko Haram. Though some girls escaped, others have since been taken and more than 300 girls are still missing. 

We express our solidarity with the plight of the families and with the 'Bring Back Our Girls' campaign.