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The recent rejections in Indonesia of retrials, including in the case of a French citizen, bring closer the regrettable prospect of further executions. The EU holds a strong and principled position against the death penalty in all cases and in all circumstances and works towards the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.


Publications and leaflets about the Flagship Initiatives of the Eastern Partnership.

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We have the first summit in a new stage of our partnership. With three of the partners we now have Association agreements with Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area signed, partially implemented. And with the other three partners we have increased and deepened our areas of cooperation in many fields, for the benefits of our people, both in the European Union and in the partner countries.


La cité antique de Palmyre étant, selon les informations disponibles, occupée par Daech, ce sont une nouvelle fois des centaines de personnes qui ont été tuées, des milliers d'autres qui risquent d'être la cible de violences arbitraires et de nouveaux sites culturels qui pourraient être détruits.

Symbole de la richesse du patrimoine culturel syrien, Palmyre a été tout au long de l'histoire un carrefour de civilisations.


The Election Follow-Up Mission (EFM) to Cambodia was conducted during May 2015.



With the reported occupation of the ancient city of Palmyra by Da'esh, yet again hundreds of people have been killed and thousands more risk to be exposed to arbitrary violent actions and more destructions of cultural sites might be perpetrated.