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"We, Europeans, care about your countries, your people: we have an interest in the security and development of your countries, because these are essential to security and development all over the world"


«Nous, Européens, accordons beaucoup d’importance à vos pays, à vos populations: il est dans notre intérêt que la sécurité et le développement de vos pays soient assurés, car ils sont essentiels pour la sécurité et le développement du monde entier»


In the margins of the ASEAN Biodiversity Heroes Award Ceremony, held in Metro Manila on 7 August 2017, the EU and ASEAN launched the EU-ASEAN Youth Video Competition #MyNatureMyHero focusing on biodiversity conservation in the ASEAN region.

Since conflict erupted in August 2016, in the previously peaceful Kasaï region, there has been a sharp increase in the number of internally displaced people across the country, now totalling 3.7 million. The continuing violence is aggravated by general underdevelopment and political tensions.

Les domaines concernés sont la pêche et aquaculture, la préservation de l’environnement marin et tous les domaines connexes.