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Let me start by expressing our condolences for the many victims of the earthquake in Ecuador and also in Japan a few days ago. As you know, all our efforts are mobilised to give support to the Ecuadorian authorities in these hours.
Let me also say that today is a sad anniversary, because exactly one year ago more than 800 people died in a drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. The work that the European Union is doing on migration will be at the centre of our meeting today - obviously the external part of our work on migration.

Publication le 18 avril 2016 au Journal Officiel de l’Union européenne d'une mesure commerciale autonome d’urgence en faveur des exportations d’huile d’olive tunisienne.

Luxembourg, 18 April 2016


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We really had an intense day at the Foreign Affairs Council that will now continue also with our Defence Ministers on Libya. I will come to that in a moment.

S.E.M. Saïd Aïdi, Ministre de la santé et S.E. M. Johannes Hahn, Commissaire européen à la politique de voisinage et aux négociations d’élargissement, ont inauguré un centre de santé intermédiaire en zone urbaine à Ksar Bardo

Luxembourg, 18 April 2016


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Let me give you a short update on the fact that we had all the 28 EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs plus the ones of Defence connected with Tripoli in a video conference with Prime Minister [Fayez] al-Sarraj who shared with us his assessment on the political, security and economic situation of the country and

Las exportaciones no petroleras de Colombia a la Unión Europea (UE) registraron en 2015 una tendencia positiva al sumar € 5.188 millones, un aumento de un 7,52% con respecto al año anterior, de acuerdo con los datos estadísticos oficiales de la UE. La agricultura, con una tasa de crecimiento de un 20,94% en 2015, fue el sector que más jalonó las exportaciones colombianas a la UE, pasando por primera vez la cifra de € 2 mil millones (€ 2.048 millones).