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The membership of the EU in the ICAC is of strategic significance to the world cotton industry and the 150 million people involved in cotton production, marketing and processing each season.

The project will work in three transboundary landscapes to assess, monitor and respond appropriately, to strengthen the role of Non States Actors in forest governance.

The project aims at providing of livelihood-sector-based basic services in the nine camps and their hosting communities which will contribute significantly towards reducing vulnerability and increasing self-reliance and preparedness for a possible return process.

The objective of this regional project is to strengthen effective engagement of non-state actors in forest monitoring, planning and policy processes in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The project aims to help improve the Industrial Pollution Management in Thailand, by increasing transparency, communities' involvement and awareness among Thai citizens.

The objective is to establish sustainable livelihood strategies which achieve a measure of self-sufficiency and preparedness for a future outside of the refugee camps.

The project aims to provide Myanmar refugees with vocational training, life skills and income generation activities that align with livelihood opportunities inside Myanmar.