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High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell held a call with President Milorad Dodik, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 11 January to discuss the dire humanitarian conditions of hundreds of migrants in the country.

The country’s authorities were repeatedly urged by the EU to quickly scale up their actions to address the grave humanitarian situation in Una-Sana Canton and provide basic and secure living conditions to all the persons of concern still sleeping out in the cold in extreme conditions.


L'Union européenne salue le bon déroulement et la bonne conduite de l'élection présidentielle qui a eu lieu le 10 janvier 2021 en République kirghize, en particulier compte tenu des difficultés causées par la pandémie de COVID‑19.

Европейский Союз (ЕС) приветствует проведение упорядоченных и хорошо организованных президентских выборов 10 января 2021 года в Кыргызской Республике, особенно, в свете проблем, вызванных пандемией COVID-19.


The European Union welcomes the orderly and well-administered Presidential election of 10 January 2021 in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.