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Será implementado por la Cámara de Comercio y Servicios del Uruguay y la Eurocámara Uruguay


Con financiamiento de la Unión Europea:

El informe de monitoreo 2019 de la UNODC reporta un incremento en los cultivos de coca en Bolivia



On July 21, 2020, EU leaders reached agreement on their new green stimulus, a package entitled Next Generation EU. This package will make fighting climate change central to Europe’s recovery, with large sums earmarked for green investments and carbon reduction goals.

To address the unique challenges that police officers face in enforcing law and order during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first ever online training course for Kenya’s National Police Service (NPS) has been launched today.


For the debut interview in its new Virtual Coffee Chat with a Science Diplomat webinar series, EURAXESS North America welcomed the Delegation's own Minister-Counselor for Research and Innovation, Dr. Mary Kavanagh.

Dr. Mary Kavanagh's role involves raising awareness of opportunities for EU-US cooperation in research and innovation, and facilitating that cooperation at both the government agency and stakeholder levels.

Watch below as they discuss Dr. Kavanagh's career path, the U.S. research landscape, and more.